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BroadwayCon Autograph & Photograph Schedule

Please note that all sessions are subject to change.


12:15pm - Alex Boniello Autograph Session

1:45pm - Donna Murphy Photograph Session

3:00pm - Donna Murphy Autograph Session

3:00pm - Fredi Walker Brown Photograph Session

3:00pm - Moulin Rouge! cast (Danny Burstein, Aaron Tveit, Tam Mutu, Ricky Rojas, & more) Autograph Session

4:15pm - Fredi Walker Brown Autograph Session

4:15pm - Broadway Kids (Trey Middleton, Adriana Braganza, Alessandra Baldacchino, Amaya Braganza, Analise Scarpaci, Ava Briglia, Meliki Hurd, Mia Sinclair Jenness, Tori Feinstein) Photograph Session


10:00am - Lesli Margherita Photograph Session

11:15am - Nick Blaemire Photograph Session

11:15am - Lesli Margherita Autograph Session

12:30pm - Nick Blaemire Autograph Session

1:45pm - Gerard Canonico Autograph Session

3:00pm - Gerard Canonico Photograph Session

4:15pm - Kelli O'Hara Autograph Session


10:00am - Mary Testa Autograph Session

11:15am - Mary Testa Photograph Session

11:15am - Steven Sater Autograph Session

12:15pm - Jay Armstrong Johnson Autograph Session

1:30pm - Jay Armstrong Johnson Photograph Session

3:00pm - Melissa Errico Autograph Session

Note: All special guest appearances are subject to professional work commitments. Autograph and photograph sessions are subject to guest availability. As such, we can not guarantee that all guests listed will be sitting for autograph and photograph sessions during the event. Be sure to check the final schedule for a full list of autograph and photograph sessions.